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I am a robotics and software engineer. I currently work in the Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence group at the Italian Institute of Technology, where I collaborate with the iCub Tech facility and where I coordinate the joint lab between the Italian Institute of Technology and Danieli Automation. I mainly work on Technology Transfer and Software Architecture.

All Publications
Viceconte P.M., Camoriano R., Romualdi G., Ferigo D., Dafarra S., Traversaro S., Oriolo G., Rosasco L., Pucci D.
ADHERENT: Learning Human-like Trajectory Generators for Whole-body Control of Humanoid Robots
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Dafarra S., Darvish K., Grieco R., Milani G., Pattacini U., Rapetti L., Romualdi G., Salvi M., Scalzo A., Sorrentino I., Tomè D., Traversaro S., Valli E., Viceconte P. M., Metta G., Maggiali M., Pucci D.
iCub3 Avatar System
Article in Press Journal
Romualdi G., Dafarra S., L'Erario G., Sorrentino I., Traversaro S., Pucci D.
Online Non-linear Centroidal MPC for Humanoid Robot Locomotion with Step Adjustment
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Article Conference
Ferigo D., Parmiggiani A., Rampone E., Tikhanoff V., Traversaro S., Pucci D., Natale L.
Robot Platforms and Simulators
Cognitive Robotics, Publisher: MIT Press
Article in Press Book
Fischer T., Vollprecht W.K., Traversaro S., Yen S., Herrero C., Milford M.J.
A RoboStack Tutorial: Using the Robot Operating System Alongside the Conda and Jupyter Data Science Ecosystems
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine