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The iCub Team’s avatar is a legged humanoid robot named iCub3. It is 125cm tall, and weighs 52kg. iCub3 possesses in total 54 degrees of freedom including those in the fully articulated hands and in the eyes, and they are all used in the operation of the system.

A particular feature of iCub3 is the vast array of sensors. Specifically, iCub possesses six-axis force/torque (F/T) sensors, tactile sensors that act as an artificial skin on the upper arm and the hands, which provides information about both the location and the intensity of the contact forces. The head sports several sensors. It possesses two cameras, a microphone on both ears and a speaker behind the face cover. Finally, a set of LEDs define the robot's facial expressions.

The iCub3 robot is powered either by an external supplier or by a custom-made battery. The connection to the robot can be established through an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

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Team Composition:

The iCub Team is part of the Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence (AMI) lab, a research line of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), and it is also composed of elements belonging to the iCub Tech Facility.

The iCub Team leader is Daniele Pucci, who is also the Principal Investigator of the AMI lab. The team technical activities are led by Stefano Dafarra, a Post-Doc of AMI. The avatar development is strongly supported by Team Fix, led by Ugo Pattacini. Team Fix is part of the iCub Tech Facility, led by Marco Maggiali.

The team from AMI department for the technological is composed by:
Marta Caracalli, Kourosh Darvish, Diego Ferigo, Nuno Guedelha, Gianluca Milani, Prashanth Ramadoss, Lorenzo Rapetti, Giulio Romualdi, Ines Sorrentino, Yeshasvi Tirupachuri, Enrico Valli, Paolo Viceconte.

The members of iCub Tech Facility, that support us for the iCub platform are: Alexandre Antunes, Emiliano Barbieri, Viola Del Bono, Silvia Criscienzio, Simeone Dussoni, Davide Gandini, Mattia Salvi, Alessandro Scalzo, Davide Tomè, Silvio Traversaro, Luca Tricerri, Salvatore Zapparella.

If you want to know more about the ANA Avatar XPRIZE, visit www.xprize.org/prizes/avatar.