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Claudia Latella received her BEng in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Genova (Italy) in March 2009.  She got the MEng in Bioengineering (110/110, cum laude) in March 2011 at the University of Genova, with an experimental mechanical thesis carried out at DynaMat Laboratories of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Lugano, dealing with the mechanical tensile behaviour of bovine bones.

After a working period, she came back to the academic environment starting her PhD in November 2014 at the Italian Institute of Technology where she obtained the Ph.D title in March 2018 in Robotics and Cognitive Science with a thesis  focussed on simultaneous multimodal sensor fusion for motion and force capture estimation for human movements.  She keeps working as a Post Doc researcher within the framework of the H2020 European Project An.Dy and, since September 2021, she is a Senior Technician at Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence (AMI) lab.

All Publications
Valli E., Latella C., Rapetti L., Grieco R., Sortino D., Gatti G., Pucci D., Tacchino A., Polidori A., Pedullà L., Brichetto G., Podda J.
A whole-body wearable device for motor function monitoring : testing iFeel Technology in PwMS
Multiple Sclerosis Journal - Experimental, Translational and Clinical, vol. 29, (no. 1_suppl.)
Conference Paper Journal
Latella C., Tatarelli A., Fiori L., Grieco R., Rapetti L., Pucci D.
Evaluation of lower limb muscle forces using the Hill-type model and wearable sensors
Poster Conference
Latella C., Tirupachuri Y., Tagliapietra L., Rapetti L., Schirrmeister B., Bornmann J., Gorjan D., Camernik J., Maurice P., Fritzsche L., Gonzales-Vargas J., Ivaldi S., Babic J., Nori F., Pucci D.
Analysis of Human Whole-Body Joint Torques During Overhead Work With a Passive Exoskeleton
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, pp. 1-9
Tirupachuri Y., Ramadoss P., Rapetti L., Latella C., Darvish K., Traversaro S., Pucci D.
Online Non- Collocated Estimation of Payload and Articular Stress for Real-Time Human Ergonomy Assessment
IEEE Access, pp. 1
Article Journal
Sorrentino I., Chavez F.J.A., Latella C., Fiorio L., Traversaro S., Rapetti L., Tirupachuri Y., Guedelha N., Maggiali M., Dussoni S., Metta G., Pucci D.
A novel sensorised insole for sensing feet pressure distributions
Sensors, vol. 20, (no. 3)
Awards and Achievements
Latella C.
LIONS PREMIO DONNA TALENTO - L’ingenium femminile alla frontiera della conoscenza
Tirupachuri Y., Nava G., Latella C., Rapetti L., Ferigo D., Tagliapietra L., Nori F., Pucci D.
Best Student Paper Awarded to Conference Paper Titled "Towards Partner-Aware Humanoid Robot Control Under Physical Interactions"
Latella C.
Spinger/IFToMM Lagrange Award 2019 for the Best Phd Thesis on Multibody Dynamics
Latella C., Kuppuswamy N., Nori F.
ECSA-2 Best Paper Award in 2015 - "Force and motion capture system based on distributed micro-accelerometers, gyros, force and tactile sensing"
Organized Events
Maurice P., Huber M.E., Latella C., Ivaldi S., Ajoudani A.
Integrating Multidisciplinary Approaches to Advance Physical Human-Robot Interaction : Challenges of Interfacing Wearable Robots with the Human Neuromotor System
Maurice P., Huber M.E., Latella C., Ivaldi S., Ajoudani A.
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Advance Physical Human-Robot Interaction : Physical Assistance for Occupational Applications
Maurice P., Huber M.E., Latella C., Ivaldi S., Ajoudani A.
Integrating Multidisciplinary Approaches to Advance Physical Human-Robot Interaction
Maurice P., Ivaldi S., Huber M.E., Latella C., Hogan N.
Human movement science for physical human- robot collaboration